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Monday, June 13, 2011

Medical Procedure Tomorrow!

It has been a long time since I posted here, but a lot has happened.

The first revelation was that the details of the insurance weren't what we first thought. The 41 day window is out, because Alex is insured from now straight through to his birthday. This is great news!

The second revelation is that he's not having his surgery! This is unexpected, but good news as well. I will explain.

When consulting with his doctor, it was estimated that the surgical procedure Alex was planning to have would only have a 50/50 chance of success. So instead, he opted to go a different route. So tomorrow, he is having a procedure done called a nerve block, which will hopefully remove the pain in his ass (pun fully intended).

Its almost certainly a cheaper procedure, but donations are still needed! So if you can make any last-minute donations, now is the time.

Thank you for all of your support!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News for My Brother's Butt!

Fantastic news for my brother's butt: chances are that he will have his surgery this year!

I won't get too specific here, but due to a quirk of the recent health care reform bills and the timing of my brother's birthday, he will have a month and ten days this summer in which he can get his surgery under an insurance plan.

This is great news! Not only does this mean that my brother's butt will be fixed this year, but I can adjust this website to drive the fundraising toward the new goal! This also means that there is now a time constraint on raising those funds, so I had better get started.

The insurance is expected to cover 80% of the cost of the surgery. However, there will likely be other expenses like consults and medications that will be incurred outside of my brother's 41 day insurance window. Therefore, I have re-evaluated the potential expenses to be up to $5000, again shooting for an overestimate just in case there are unexpected expenses or complications.

I have adjusted the Butt Thermometer to reflect this, and this means we are now at nearly 5% of the goal! Be prepared for more announcements very soon as I push to raise this number.

First surgery consult is in April!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dino Announcement!

Major Announcement!

The giant frickin dinosaur visited me again and made an offer! He said that for everyone that donates $10, they can tell him to do something and he will do it. He explains in this video:

Now, keep in mind that this does have limits. He can talk, sing, make phone calls, fight with Carl, anything you've seen him do previously, along with another thing or two like eat and play fetch. So be creative, donate, and see the dino do his thing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dinosaur Butts 2

When I was walking out of work on Friday, I discovered my friend the giant frickin' dinosaur with a foot on the hood of my car.  He insisted that not enough people have been visiting and threw another CD at me.  This is the file that was on that CD.  My car is now down at A-Street Automotive having the T-Rex footprint pounded out of the hood.

So yeah... um... might be in your best interest to donate or something.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinosaur Butts

I know I haven't made many updates to this website recently, and it's mostly because after the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt, I got into starting up a new business (Savvy Duck Computers), and I've been terribly busy.  Apparently someone noticed.

I was just minding my own business last night, watching Star Trek and fixing a computer for a local restaurant when this GIANT FRICKING T-REX burst right through my wall and roared at me!  Then he hesitated, shuffled his feet a little, apologized for getting carried away, and threw a CD at me.  After demanding in no uncertain terms that I post the entire contents of the CD on the internet (because, in his words, "my arms are too stubby to type with and your entire species is stubby so you're probably used to it"), he stormed out.  After changing my pants, I opened up the CD and this is what was on it:

Repairs to my wall have begun.  And one more thing: as he was leaving and gnawing on the remains of my couch, he mentioned that he would be back with more.  Fun.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Butt Ride was a Success!

That's right, the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt is over and it was a complete success!  With your help, we raised $1.64 per mile. The total mileage was 125.6, so the total comes to $205.98, more than doubling the Butt Fund!  I'll be updating the Butt Fund total as all of that comes in.

That was one of the roughest things I've done, but we did surprisingly well.  Alex's friend Stephen (who took Nick's place on the Ride at the last minute) and I made it to the coast in 6 hours and back in 6 and a half!  That's pretty good considering that my test ride, which was about the same length, took me over 7 and a half hours to complete.  I suppose I'm motivated by having someone else there with me, especially someone who can completely trounce me at physical activity.  I only had to walk my bike up three of the nasty hills, but if Stephen had had his way, we wouldn't have walked any of them!

It was nice and sunny most of the way there, and while we were there we ate dinner at a truly terrible restaurant, then watched a football game at a super awesome bar to which I'm totally going back.  We got to sleep in tents due to the fact that Alex followed us along in his car, and that was a good thing because it started raining overnight!

We got a late start in the morning, getting off at about 11, just when it started pouring!  It poured a third of the way back home, making us super soaked and making my stuffed underwear saaag.  I'll be posting pictures of that to the FMBB Facebook page soon.  The rest of the way went by pretty quick, but I am super duper tired from all that, even this morning.  I slept like a freaking log.

Thank you to all of you who sent in pledges, thank you Stephen for taking Nick's place (who got sick) so that I wouldn't be doing this alone, and thank you Alex for following along so we didn't have to carry so much (and didn't have to sleep in the rain).  I'll leave the Butt Ride page up at indefinitely for historical and awesomeness purposes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ride for the Butt Cure!

Well, I'm doing it!  Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving my home and setting off on the longest bike ride I've ever taken over rougher terrain than I've ever tackled... and then I'm doing it again the next day.

But I'm doing it all for a good cause!  My brother's butt needs to be fixed, and I'm going to do what I can to fix it.  If you can make a pledge, I'd appreciate it!  Even a penny or two per mile would help big.   If you'd like to cheer me on, I'd appreciate that too!  You can follow my progress at

Fun and shenanigans will be plentiful.  Wish me luck!