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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pixel 1 Achieved!

Pixel 1?  What do I mean by that?

Well, we just had an extremely generous donation come in that brought us up above the $100 mark!  We still have a long way to go, but things are looking up.  Not only that, but now if you squint and look super duper crazy closely at the Butt Fund thermometer on the right, you'll see a strip of purple next to the 0.  That's right, the Butt Fund is now large enough so that the savings appear as the first row of pixels on that thermometer!

I did the math, and every pixel from the bottom of the 0 to the top of the thermometer represents exactly $80 of savings.  We'll get to the top!  We'll do it pixel by pixel but we'll get to the top.

Thank you all for your help.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photos and Pledges

We here at have been busy!  (By we I mean I, and by busy I mean slightly less lazy.)  In the past week two major additions have been added to the website.  Here they are in no particular order:

Pledges!  I am now accepting pledges of funds per mile of distance I travel on the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt!  Click that link to find a super-easy form you can use to pledge any amount.  Even as little as a nickel helps my brother's butt out a lot!

The Photography Store!  Fix My Brother's Butt has now become the only online supplier of Alex's photography!  An entire third of the purchase price for this amazing artwork goes toward getting his butt fixed, so now you can help my brother out and decorate your walls at the same time.

Keep watching, because I have many more plans to come!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting the Word Out

Now that my brother knows about the website and has allowed me to make it look more legit, my next task is to get the word out about it.

Before now, I was trying to keep the site fairly anonymous, so these efforts were limited to word-of-mouth and spreading the word anonymously on a number of websites and the 'spread the word' buttons along the top and side of all the pages.  In the two months that this site has been running, this is only now beginning to pay off (Thanks Reddit!)

Now that it's not an anonymous site anymore, I can start taking more interesting measures.  I've already started doing things like sending voice mails to some of the comedic podcasts I listen to, but I'm looking for more ideas.

Some of my friends suggest to me that I should start writing letters to celebrities.  It might be a good idea, and I'm willing to do it, but I question whether I would have a hope of getting any kind of response.

Do you have any ideas?  You could help me push this website toward success!  Send me an e-mail and tell me what brilliant thoughts you might have on spreading the word.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ride for the Butt Cure!

I am announcing the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt! On September 18, I'm going to ride to the coast and back wearing a giant pair of stuffed underwear, and I need you to sponsor my miles!  I also intend to wear a shirt with this finely-crafted logo:

Sponsorships run $5 for every mile I ride, and you can sponsor as many or as few miles as you wish. Not only that, but if you buy sponsorships, you get all the regular FixMyBrothersButt prizes that you would get for donating the same amount! And everything given for the sponsorships will go directly into the butt fund.

While I am not necessarily looking for others to go on the trip with me, my friend Nick has already generously said he will.  See the Butt Ride website for details!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aaaaand he knows!

Last Wednesday, August 11, I finally told my brother about this website. He was pretty enthusiastic about the whole idea, so things are about to get crazy around here.

Step 1 is already complete: I have modified the website to make it look much, much more legit. Since I was finally able to ask my brother's permission to use is name, picture, and other details on, the website no longer looks super sketchy and hopefully people will be more apt to donate.

Step 2 is the Fix My Brother's Butt twitter feed! Now that I have Alex's permission, I will be able to use his feed for its originally intended purpose: updates about his butt!

Step 3 is new videos! I have taken a few fun videos in the past weeks that I haven't been able to post due to the fact that my brother is in them. Expect to see those begin to appear, along with the video I took of my brother's reaction to finding out about this website.

Step 4 is the Butt Store! I plan to offer prints of Alex's photography for sale directly from the website (along with some other goodies), with part of the proceeds going to him and part going to his Butt Fund. Look for that to appear sometime in the next few weeks.

Step 5 is a super secret project that won't be secret for much longer. You will see a hint of it appear today on the facebook page.

Stay tuned! These and many more shenanigans are forthcoming.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 11 Donation Rewards

A special announcement from

August 11 is my brother's birthday, and that means that it's his butt's birthday too! To recognize this important occasion, rewards for all donations made on Wednesday, August 11 will be given for half the normal donation amount. That means $5 will get you a message on the website, $50 will get you a butt photograph, $250 will get you a gyroscope whirligig, and $500 will get me to kiss your butt!

This is a one day only promotion, so if you were thinking of donating and haven't yet, August 11 is a great time! Please support my brother's butt on its birthday and give it a happy birthday too.