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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Butt Ride was a Success!

That's right, the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt is over and it was a complete success!  With your help, we raised $1.64 per mile. The total mileage was 125.6, so the total comes to $205.98, more than doubling the Butt Fund!  I'll be updating the Butt Fund total as all of that comes in.

That was one of the roughest things I've done, but we did surprisingly well.  Alex's friend Stephen (who took Nick's place on the Ride at the last minute) and I made it to the coast in 6 hours and back in 6 and a half!  That's pretty good considering that my test ride, which was about the same length, took me over 7 and a half hours to complete.  I suppose I'm motivated by having someone else there with me, especially someone who can completely trounce me at physical activity.  I only had to walk my bike up three of the nasty hills, but if Stephen had had his way, we wouldn't have walked any of them!

It was nice and sunny most of the way there, and while we were there we ate dinner at a truly terrible restaurant, then watched a football game at a super awesome bar to which I'm totally going back.  We got to sleep in tents due to the fact that Alex followed us along in his car, and that was a good thing because it started raining overnight!

We got a late start in the morning, getting off at about 11, just when it started pouring!  It poured a third of the way back home, making us super soaked and making my stuffed underwear saaag.  I'll be posting pictures of that to the FMBB Facebook page soon.  The rest of the way went by pretty quick, but I am super duper tired from all that, even this morning.  I slept like a freaking log.

Thank you to all of you who sent in pledges, thank you Stephen for taking Nick's place (who got sick) so that I wouldn't be doing this alone, and thank you Alex for following along so we didn't have to carry so much (and didn't have to sleep in the rain).  I'll leave the Butt Ride page up at indefinitely for historical and awesomeness purposes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ride for the Butt Cure!

Well, I'm doing it!  Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving my home and setting off on the longest bike ride I've ever taken over rougher terrain than I've ever tackled... and then I'm doing it again the next day.

But I'm doing it all for a good cause!  My brother's butt needs to be fixed, and I'm going to do what I can to fix it.  If you can make a pledge, I'd appreciate it!  Even a penny or two per mile would help big.   If you'd like to cheer me on, I'd appreciate that too!  You can follow my progress at

Fun and shenanigans will be plentiful.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will Do Embarrassing Things For Donations

Yes, my antics at this time appear to have no end.  I am making an official announcement here: I will do embarrassing (or even non-embarrassing things) for money.

I have made such offers in the past.  A friend of mine complained that he didn't like the progress thermometer on this website.  I offered to change it in return for a donation.  This offer is still open.  Later on I told another friend on Facebook that I'd draw a butt on my forehead for a donation.  This didn't happen either.  Then last weekend, I offered to sharpie a butt on my arm for a pledge to the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt, or my forehead for a 50 cent pledge.  Finally someone took me up on it!  This was the result:

See?  I will do things for donations!  And I'll do even more too.  There are few places I won't stride for a hefty enough donation, so be creative!  Think up something stupid for me to do, send me an e-mail or post it on Facebook, and we'll see what we can work out.

Busting my butt so my brother can unbust his!