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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News for My Brother's Butt!

Fantastic news for my brother's butt: chances are that he will have his surgery this year!

I won't get too specific here, but due to a quirk of the recent health care reform bills and the timing of my brother's birthday, he will have a month and ten days this summer in which he can get his surgery under an insurance plan.

This is great news! Not only does this mean that my brother's butt will be fixed this year, but I can adjust this website to drive the fundraising toward the new goal! This also means that there is now a time constraint on raising those funds, so I had better get started.

The insurance is expected to cover 80% of the cost of the surgery. However, there will likely be other expenses like consults and medications that will be incurred outside of my brother's 41 day insurance window. Therefore, I have re-evaluated the potential expenses to be up to $5000, again shooting for an overestimate just in case there are unexpected expenses or complications.

I have adjusted the Butt Thermometer to reflect this, and this means we are now at nearly 5% of the goal! Be prepared for more announcements very soon as I push to raise this number.

First surgery consult is in April!

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