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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fix My Brother's Butt Launches Tonight!

And the moment has finally arrived! After twenty-four hours of strife, sweat, blood, hardship, a little more blood, and a minor encounter involving a mentally-challenged squirrel, Fix My Brother's Butt has launched! Visit it here:

What is this crazy thing? It is a campaign to solicit donations with the goal of getting my brother's botched butt surgery fixed.

Long story short, my brother had a surgery in mid 2009 to remove a cyst from his tailbone. The surgery was more or less botched, and now he can't sit for long periods of time without severe pain. He needs another surgery to fix it, but he has no insurance, he had to leave his driving job because he can't sit that long anymore, and the work he needs done is too expensive. In fact, it could come to $16,000 when you include related expenses like doctor visits and tests! Lucky for him his brother is a supernerd with way too much time on his hands, so now he has a website dedicated to his butt!

There are rewards! There are laughs! Good times are to be had by all! Once again, check it out:

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