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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aaaaand he knows!

Last Wednesday, August 11, I finally told my brother about this website. He was pretty enthusiastic about the whole idea, so things are about to get crazy around here.

Step 1 is already complete: I have modified the website to make it look much, much more legit. Since I was finally able to ask my brother's permission to use is name, picture, and other details on, the website no longer looks super sketchy and hopefully people will be more apt to donate.

Step 2 is the Fix My Brother's Butt twitter feed! Now that I have Alex's permission, I will be able to use his feed for its originally intended purpose: updates about his butt!

Step 3 is new videos! I have taken a few fun videos in the past weeks that I haven't been able to post due to the fact that my brother is in them. Expect to see those begin to appear, along with the video I took of my brother's reaction to finding out about this website.

Step 4 is the Butt Store! I plan to offer prints of Alex's photography for sale directly from the website (along with some other goodies), with part of the proceeds going to him and part going to his Butt Fund. Look for that to appear sometime in the next few weeks.

Step 5 is a super secret project that won't be secret for much longer. You will see a hint of it appear today on the facebook page.

Stay tuned! These and many more shenanigans are forthcoming.

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