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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting the Word Out

Now that my brother knows about the website and has allowed me to make it look more legit, my next task is to get the word out about it.

Before now, I was trying to keep the site fairly anonymous, so these efforts were limited to word-of-mouth and spreading the word anonymously on a number of websites and the 'spread the word' buttons along the top and side of all the pages.  In the two months that this site has been running, this is only now beginning to pay off (Thanks Reddit!)

Now that it's not an anonymous site anymore, I can start taking more interesting measures.  I've already started doing things like sending voice mails to some of the comedic podcasts I listen to, but I'm looking for more ideas.

Some of my friends suggest to me that I should start writing letters to celebrities.  It might be a good idea, and I'm willing to do it, but I question whether I would have a hope of getting any kind of response.

Do you have any ideas?  You could help me push this website toward success!  Send me an e-mail and tell me what brilliant thoughts you might have on spreading the word.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!

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